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An Expert's Guide to Meal Prep by Stephanie Cvetkovic - Black and Blum

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‘Meal prep’ has boomed in recent years, with bloggers, chefs and home-cooks all adopting the craze. Stephanie Cvetkovic from Expert Home Tips explains exactly what the fuss is all about.

My weekly meal prep has become as much a part of my routine as my weekly clean, phone call to my Mum, or compulsory, Friday after-work drinks. While most spend the final day of their weekend getting in that last little bit of TV time, I spend it in the kitchen, getting prepared for the week ahead.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term ‘meal-prep’, here’s the low-down:

The clue is in the name: it’s the preparation, of meals – basically a marathon ‘batch-cooking’ session for those of you more familiar with that term.

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There are many ways and types of meal prepping which you can mix and match to cater to your needs. It can be as simple as portioning out your snacks for the week, or as complex as making a 20-ingredient curry. The idea is to put all the effort in in one go make mealtimes during the week much easier.

The big questions is, Is it really worth it? Wouldn’t I rather be out eating a Sunday dinner the size of my head rather than slaving away over the stove? Well, on those hungover days, maybe, but come Monday, I am always infinitely glad I got my meal prep done instead. Here’s why:

It enables me to eat healthier

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They say. ‘you are what you eat’, and I like my diet to be varied and rich in nutrients wherever possible. By meal prepping, I can look at my week in advance, and make food that means my body and mind is getting everything it needs to function to the best of its ability.

“This week’s nutritious, pumpkin soup. It stored, traveled and reheated perfectly in my Box Appetit Lunch Pot and I was warming up with a bowl of deliciousness in just a few minutes.”

I waste less

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As meal prep requires planning in advance, I can carefully check over what ingredients I’ve already got lurking in the depths of my fridge before heading out for more. This week I had two huge pumpkins to make use of.

My Sunday afternoon provided me with plenty of time to magic these into something scrummy. Such a task would have been much more daunting during my busy week, and it’s likely the pumpkins would have gone to waste.

“Prepping my meals for the week enabled me to plan in economical usage of all my leftover Halloween pumpkins.”

I get to be more productive in the week


I love eating well, and prior to meal prepping, would often spend my evenings after work cooking up a storm in the kitchen. I soon realised, that although I was eating delicious food, I wasn’t getting a lot else done.

Since meal prepping allows me to have a tasty dinner on the table in minutes, I get to eat well and go to a fitness class, catch up with friends or put time into one of my passions - the best of both worlds.

I do less frivolous spending

Arriving to work without anything prepared for lunch means only one thing for me: a quick, ’meal deal’ lunch. While these aren’t exactly going to break the bank every now and then, the cost soon adds up. Ditto for takeaway dinners and meals out.

Always having something prepared removes the need for this compulsive spending, and also enables me to buy in bulk, reducing the overall portion cost for each meal.

“Who wouldn’t want to come home to a gorgeous, Gizzy Erskine curry after a long, hard day at work?”

I get to enjoy delicious meals, no matter how much time I have

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In case you haven’t already gathered, I’m a pretty big foodie. Breakfast, lunch, dinner - I love to eat well and eat right. Putting time aside each Sunday to cook up a few, really amazing dishes, or prepare some amazing components really pays off, and I get to enjoy amazing, home cooked food, every day of the week, no matter how much time I have.

If you want tips on how to get started, or even if you just need more convincing, Steph spells it all out for you in her meal prep masterclass on Expert Home Tips.

Drew Middleton
Drew Middleton