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Black+Blum Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide

The third in our month-long series of Christmas gift guides celebrates sustainability. From Fairtrade and recycled to solar powered and ingeniously designed, here are our favourite eco-friendly products, perfect for the more environmentally conscious among friends and family. 

Stainless Steel Lunch box by Black+Blum


Stainless steel sandwich box by Black+Blum

100% plastic-free and designed to last a lifetime, this  innovative lunchbox was designed for preparing and carrying your lunch. The lid, which is designed to be used as a chopping board, is made from bamboo, which is a sustainable resource as well as being extremely durable. 

Fairtrade Recycled Glass Greenhouse TerrariumFairtrade recycled glass terrarium by yours sustainability  

Bring the garden inside with this Fairtrade, recycled glasshouse terrarium. This is the perfect gift for environmentally conscious flat dwellers, giving them a taste of the great outdoors inside their homes. The terrarium is perfect for small succulents, cacti and orchids.

Work Home Hydration by Black+Blum

Work and home hydration by Black+Blum

Hydrate at home, work and on the go with the hand blown glass Eau Carafe and BPA Free Eau Good bottle. These bottles contain Binchotan charcoal filters, which purify the water, making it tastier and better for you. The Binchotan charcoal filter last up to three months and can be recharged to last an additional three months. When the filter can no longer be used for water purification, it can be used to add nutrients to soil to help make plants grow. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.


Solar Powered Party Festoon Fairy Lights, 12 Multi Coloured LEDs, 5.5m 

Solar powered festoon fairy lights by Festive Lights

Give the gift of light with this set of twelve multi-coloured, solar powered light bulbs. The lights are recharged and powered by an external solar panel that will illuminate the lights automatically at dusk.

'Bubble Up' Soap Dispenser & Dish Brush SetBubble up soap dispenser and brush by Green Tulip

The ‘Bubble Up’ soap dispenser and dish brush set has a ceramic base, which is spring loaded to create extra soap suds. It is made responsibly in China from recycled plastic and sustainable bamboo, making it the perfect practical gift for an eco-conscious household.

Pasta Bowl Set / GustoPasta Bowl Set / Gusto by EKOBO

This sophisticated, eco-friendly design brings a pop of colour to your dinner table. It’s low form allows for easy stacking and space saving storage. These bowls are a sustainable alternative to traditional plastics and are made using biodegradable bamboo fibre, which is a highly-renewable natural resource.

Seamless & Steadfast Enamel Cups 

Enamel cups by Best Made Co

These enamel cups use World War II era techniques, are built to last a lifetime and look good while they’re at it. The rim and the handle - the two spots where the cups get the most abuse - are reinforced with a double dipping of enamel, making them the most steadfast, sustainable cup available. The ideal gift to last the ages.


Dan Black
Dan Black