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  • A polar bear that lives in your freezer...how cool is that?
    • Food grade PE (recyclable)
    • BPA free
    • Dishwasher safe
    • L 27.5cm   W 8cm   H 8.5cm / L 10.9"  W 3.1"  H 3.4"
  • Are there any other ways to get the ice cubes out rather than banging?
    Yes, run his feet under warm water.

    Does it need to be level in the freezer?
    Yes so that the water is in each of the feet to make separate cubes.

    How do you clean it?
    Dishwasher or by hand with a bottle brush.

    What should I do if my ice cubes still don't come out easily?
    Make sure you are not over filling the vessel with water. When filling with water, hold it vertical and wait until there is no water pouring out of the hole in the centre of the snow flake on the back.

Black Blum Ice Bear Ice Tray

Black Blum Ice Bear Ice Tray


Simple to fill, easy to load into your freezer and to decant individual cubes without having to touch the ice. Because it is sealed, it stops the ice from absorbing the odours and crumbs of other foods in your freezer. Fill up the polar bear until water escapes from his back. Put him back on his feet and into the freezer. Once frozen, bang him on his back (Ouch!) and empty the ice cubes into your whisky! 

Black Blum Ice Bear Ice Tray