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Ideal for overnight oats, humous, coleslaw or any other culinary creation you want to store

Colour: Glass


Additional inner glass pot and silicone top to pair with our Glass Lunch Pot Large, perfect for meal prep. Batch cook multiple meals, store in the fridge, and simply swap the pots each day. The silicone top is an eco-friendly replacement for single-use clingfilm to prevent splatter in the microwave and creates a leak proof seal when used with the stainless steel lid and wood fibre/PP base in our Glass Lunch Pot Large
  • 600ml
  • High-quality borosilicate glass
  • Microwave/Dishwasher/Oven-safe
  • BPA-free
  • *Please note: this product should only be used in combination with our Glass Lunch Pot Large, and not on its own.


  • GR-LBS-SET002
  • Glass and silicone
  • 600 ml
  • Weight: 185g
  • Dimensions: D11cm x 9cm
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Microwave-safe
  • Freezer-safe


Is the Glass Lunch Pot Large microwave-safe?

Yes, this product is microwave-safe. A very clever design, the silicone top has a small tab detail which prevents it from getting sucked into the pot during microwaving. It allows you to heat your food without splatter and removes the need for single-use plastic clingfilm.

Is the Glass Lunch Pot Large oven -safe?

Yes, the Borosilicate Glass Pot is oven-safe. WARNING: Glass is susceptible to thermal shock. Do not place glass in the preheated oven directly from the fridge or freezer (allow it to adjust to room temperature before placing it in an oven). When heating food make sure you preheat the oven first. DO NOT use the grill or allow direct contact with gas flames. When you remove the glass from the oven DO NOT place it on a cold surface or run it under a cold tap.

Is the Glass Lunch Pot Large dishwasher-safe?

Yes, all parts are dishwasher-safe, but we recommend top rack. To avoid thermal shock (sudden temperature change which will cause the glass to break), be careful to allow the glass to cool after the cycle, before exposing it to cold elements such as food or placing it in a fridge/freezer.

Is the Glass Lunch Pot Large freezer-safe?

Yes, all parts are freezer-safe. However please take care with liquid-based foods as they can expand when frozen, so do not overfill. Please allow it to defrost completely before microwaving/reheating (do not defrost in the microwave).

Is the Glass Lunch Pot Large BPA and BPS-free?

Yes, all parts are BPA and BPS-free.

Can I get replacement glass pots if mine breaks?

Yes, we stock replacement glass inner parts - please see ourREPLACEMENT PARTS.

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