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  • A modern sculptural bowl that doubles as a colander, so you can wash your fruit before putting it out on a table. It also includes a bamboo mat to catch any leftover drips of water and protect your table surface.
    • Use as a colander to wash fruit, (slots allow water to drain away), then doubles as bowl
    • Bamboo mat to catch loose drips of water
    • Bowl is dishwasher safe
    • Bowl made from durable polypropylene with added sea shell powder for ceramic feel
    • L 22cm W 25cm H 14cm / L 8.7" W 9.8" H 5.4"
  • Is the fruit bowl dishwasher safe?
    The polypropylene bowl is, but the bamboo mat is not dishwasher safe.

    How should the bamboo mat be treated and cared for?
    We recommend using a food safe mineral oil and applying with a cotton cloth once a month (if the board gets water drips on it regularly). Make sure you wipe off any excess oil. This will ensure that it does not dry out and crack.

    What is the bowl made from?
    The bowl is made from virgin polypropylene which is food safe and BPA free.

Black Blum Forminimal Draining Fruit Bowl & Mat


The mat catches any loose drips of water and also act almost like a mini plinth, to present the bowl as a sculpture.

Black Blum Forminimal Draining Fruit Bowl & Mat


When we work on any design, we always think what more can we add that is truly functional and will make the design better. Adding the concealed draining slots, made sense for people who always wash their fruit before eating it. Most fruit bowls are left out either on a table or counter, so we wanted to give it sculptural beauty that meant it looked great regardless of whether it was filled with lots of fruit or just had one apple left inside.

Black Blum Forminimal Draining Fruit Bowl & Mat