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  • An elegant, one handed use kitchen roll holder which conceals the roll and has a handle so you can easily move it to where you need it.
    • Weighted base for one handed use
    • Hides kitchen roll
    • Fits standard UK roll (simple to load)
    • Not suitable for larger EU or US rolls
    • Silicone feet, so won’t slide
    • Easy to move / lift with handle
    • L 14cm W 15cm H 33cm / L 5.7" W 5.8" H 13"
  • Will the kitchen roll holder fit standard kitchen rolls?
    Yes, the holder is designed to fit standard UK kitchen paper rolls (not suitable to EU or US rolls).

    Is the kitchen roll holder dishwasher safe?
    No, the kitchen roll holder is not dishwasher safe.


If you use kitchen roll regularly, you will often have it out on a counter. There are plenty of existing kitchen roll holders on the market, but we couldn’t find any that hid the roll from view. We wanted to design a roll holder that was easy to use with one hand, was easy to lift and move, but also shielded the view of the roll (so that it still looked good when the roll was down to the last few sheets of paper). Having the roll on a slight lean helped with the functional aspect of tearing a sheet off, but also gave it a dynamic stance.

Black Blum Forminimal Kitchen Roll Holder Grey


Choose from two tones to either contrast or complement your interior.

Black Blum Forminimal Kitchen Roll Holder Grey


Each forminimal design comes packaged in a different colour box. Aside from protecting the product inside, it also makes a stunning gift.

Black Blum Forminimal Kitchen Roll Holder Grey