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LOOP matt satin

  • A simple yet beautiful matt satin chrome candelabra. It can be used individually or be interlinked with more than one in a line.
    • Holds standard 22-24mm candles
    • Individually boxed
    • 5mm / 0.2" thick wire 
    • H 28cm W 20cm D 13cm / H 11" W 7.8" D 5"
  • How do I clean wax off it?
    Dip in hot water to melt the wax and polish off with a dry soft cloth. Do not scrub as it may remove the chroming. Alternatively, put the candelabra in the freezer for a few hours which will enable you to break the hardened wax clean off.

  • What if my candles don't fit?
    We usually advise to get a candle sharpener or slightly melt the bottom to make it stick to the inside.

Black Blum Loop Maison Satin Candelabra


Loop candelabra is inspired by the Fibonacci curve that is seen throughout nature and looks correct and balanced to the human eye. Loop is an ever changing radius made from steel. It is the ever changing radius that makes the design so appealing. The shape cannot be understood at a glance and looks unique from different angles.

Black Blum Loop Maison Satin Candelabra


Designing the loop was very different to other design projects. We start with a piece a straight wire and bend it by hand until the form is perfect. It’s not possible to build in a computer, and is much more of a sculptural hands on approach to design. Once we have found the perfect shape, the challenge is then trying to replicate it. Because the shapes have an ever changing radius that often bend back on themselves, it is not possible to use an automated wire bending machine. We were lucky to find a skilled wire bending company who use custom made mandrels to hand bend the wire to shape. The mandrels are like sculptures and the wire goes through five different ones to make the desired shape.

Black Blum Loop Maison Satin Candelabra