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  • A modern sculptural salad bowl and bamboo servers which can be made into tongs (making it easy for one handed use).
    • Servers/tongs nest inside bowl
    • No food will get stuck at the bottom (shape of tongs mirror bottom radius of the bowl)
    • Ergonomic, easy to hold or pass, while serving (high edge out of food area)
    • Dishwasher safe, smooth surface for easy cleaning
    • Bowl is made from durable polypropylene with added sea shell powder for ceramic feel
    • L 24cm W 3cm H 16cm / L 9.6" W 12" H 6.3"
  • Is the salad bowl dishwasher safe?
    The polypropylene bowl is, but the bamboo servers are not dishwasher safe.

    How should the bamboo servers be treated and cared for?
    We recommend using a food safe mineral oil and applying with a cotton cloth once a month (if you are using them regularly). Make sure you wipe off any excess oil. This will ensure that it does not dry out and crack.

    What are the benefits of bamboo as a material?
    Technically speaking, bamboo is a grass and not a wood. It is a sustainable resource due to the fact that it grows so quickly and can be harvested. It is a very dense wood and this means that it holds less moisture compared with other wooden boards. It also makes it less prone to warping (if cared for correctly).

    How should the bamboo be cleaned?
    Clean your bamboo servers with hot water and soap or a dilution of bleach and water (1 tablespoon of bleach per gallon / 4.5l of water). Do not leave the servers soaking in water and make sure to dry it with a tea towel or kitchen roll after cleaning.

    What is the salad bowl made from?
    The bowl is made from virgin polypropylene which is food safe and BPA free. Being made from polypropylene, it is durable, but also has added sea shell powder to give it a quality ceramic feel..

    How should I clean the bowl?
    If the bowl gets stained from long exposure to say balsamic vinegar, use bicarbonate of soda to remove.

Black Blum Forminimal Salad Bowl & Servers

Black Blum Forminimal Salad Bowl & Servers


We thought about table decoration and how the salad bowl is often placed on the centre of the table, ready to be passed around. We wanted to create a modern sculptural bowl which presented the salad in a beautiful way. We also observed that salad bowls are often passed around the table, so the high edge presented a good area to hold with your hand being above the salad. The bamboo servers (which also slot together to form convenient tongs) neatly rest in the corners, so there is no danger of them falling into the salad. The server spoon area are also shaped so the corner radius, perfectly matches the curve of the bowl and this makes it easy to pick up the smallest seeds or cherry tomatoes.

Black Blum Forminimal Salad Bowl & Servers


Each forminimal design comes packaged in a different colour box. Aside from protecting the product inside, it also makes a stunning gift.

Black Blum Forminimal Salad Bowl & Servers