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  • The sculptural design presents your chips or crisps in a beautiful bowl and incorporates an optional sauce dip bowl, for easy serving.
    • 2 containers
    • Ergonomic, easy to hold or pass, while serving (high edge out of food area)
    • Holds a good quantity of chips / crisps
    • Made from durable polypropylene with added sea shell powder for ceramic feel
    • L 20cm W 29cm H 10cm / L 7.8" W 11.5" H 3.9"
  • Are the different bowls dishwasher safe?
    Yes, the different bowls are dishwasher safe.
    Can the bowls be used in an oven or microwave?
    No, the bowls are not microwave or oven safe.
    What are the bowls made from and are they food safe and free from BPA?
    The bowls are made from food safe, BPA free polypropylene. They also have a sea shell powder (chalk) additive, which gives them a more ceramic feel.
    How should I clean the bowls if they get stained?
    If you leave food types like tomato salsa in the bowls for long periods of time, it could leave a stain, but this is easy to clean with bicarbonate of soda.

Black Blum Forminimal Chip & Dip BowlsBlack Blum Forminimal Chip & Dip Bowls


There are lots of chip bowls on the market, but very few that incorporate an optional dip area in a beautiful way. We wanted a design that could hold a good volume of chips, but didn’t have too big a footprint, if being left on a small side table.

Black Blum Forminimal Chip & Dip Bowls


Each forminimal design comes packaged in a different colour box. Aside from protecting the product inside, it also makes a stunning gift.

Black Blum Forminimal Packaging